Truth in The Mirror

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EP3 Emotional Body Breakdown

This weeks all new body confidence show looks at all things¬†#bopo¬†Including why Amazon is in hot water this week, Ashley Graham’s emotional body break down, and what you say when a women calls you FAT in CVS! Hear Truth In The Mirror LIVE every Wednesday at 7 p.m. PST on

EP2 Mattel Ken Dolls and Answering Listener Questions

Sally Hilton from Truth in the Mirror, unpacks another week of body confidence and body image stories and issues, with Joe and Denise! In this weeks show we answer real questions from our viewers, discuss the new Mattel Ken Dolls and give you a sneak peak into the behind the scenes gossip from the all […]

Introducing Truth In The Mirror with Sally Hilton

Ramona Town Radio had Sally Hilton on telling us all about the new reality show “Truth In The Mirror”. Truth In The Mirror is coming soon from ULM Media.