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ULM Media Steps in at Ultimate Local Music

ULM Media has stepped in to run Ultimate Local Music, which is a local/independent music website and radio station focusing on independent music industry. Launched in 2010, Ultimate Local Music was one of the foremost websites for local bands to get their news out to the world.

At the time there were team members in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX areas. The website boasted music reviews, a radio station, local music news, interviews with up and coming artist; and even a blog with tips and tricks to help local musicians succeed.

For just over a year, Ultimate Local Music stayed stagnant due to “life” and the people who ran it moving to work on other projects. Now that ULM Media has stepped in, Ultimate Local Music is making a comeback with a completely revamped website and marketing plan. Ultimate Local Music will have all the great things that they had before, and now there will be some additions like the Ultimate Local Music Podcast which will focus strictly on the local music industry.

Ultimate Local Music is seeking music submissions before they officially launch their new radio station. They are also looking for contributors who would like to dive into the music world to write music reviews and interview local musicians. Please contact Ultimate Local Music by CLICKING HERE if you are interested.

ULM Media Opens Store Front in Ramona, Ca

ULM Media has opened our store front in Ramona, Ca called Ramona Printing & Graphics. You can find Ramona Printing & Graphics right next door to our radio station Ramona Town Radio located at 1149 Main St. Suite 203 Ramona, Ca 92065.

From this location, people can walk in to get all of their printing needs met. Ramona printing & Graphics offers a full range of printing including business cards, banners, stickers, business decals; and much more. Although they offer a 5 day lead time, most orders are printed and done within just a few short days; or even hours.

One of the things they will eventually be doing at Ramona Printing & Graphics is stocking material and supplies for the large “do-it-yourself” community that Ramona is known for. Pretty soon, our community members will no longer have to drive “down the hill” to purchase their supplies. People will be able to get what they need quickly and cost effectively right here in Ramona.

Contact Ramona Printing & Graphics by calling 760-440-0560, emailing them at Info@RamonaPrinting.com, or visit them in person at 1140 Main St. Suite 203 Ramona, Ca 92065

Coming Soon – Back Country Radio

San DiegoULM Media is extremely excited to announce the newest radio station in our arsenal; Back Country Radio. BCR will be launching very soon and will be an all country internet radio station broadcasting LIVE from the heart of San Diego County; in Ramona, Ca.

Due to the success of our community radio station Ramona Town Radio, ULM Media is creating this all country radio station for all of San Diego and beyond. On Back Country Radio, you will be able to hear all your favorite country music from yesterday and today.

On the Back Country Radio website, you will find ways to listen, music charts including all your favorite music videos, San Diego events, San Diego news, music news; and much more.

Our projected launch date for Back Country Radio is June 1st 2018. Stay tuned to find out more in the upcoming days.

San Diego SUN Radio Relaunches

 San DiegoULM Media is excited to announce the relaunch of San Diego SUN Radio. SDSR is another ULM Media Radio Network station that will be playing nothing but the best local/independent music from all over the world. The relaunch will take place within the next couple of months and will be San Diego’s ONLY true and dedicated local/independent music radio station.

Local bands and musicians can submit their music for play by emailing eric@ulmmedia.com.

Fluffer signs with ULM Media

Washington – Coming to us out of Washing state, the band FLUFFER signs with ULM Media for all their promotion and press needs. According to their Facebook page….

Fluffer has hit upon the magic formula of playing Re-energizing Classic Rock songs while forging their true identity on diverse original songs.

The band FLUFFER has won awards and creates albums and songs for sale; then donates the proceeds to local organizations. You can check out more of FLUFFER by checking out there website and social media.