About Truth in The Mirror

Truth In The Mirror is hosted by body confidence coach Sally Hilton and broadcast LIVE every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. on Ramona Town Radio. The show is about building confidence and self-esteem within women, who feel that their confidence and or body limits their life.

Show host, Sally Hilton is a widely know body confidence coach who brings light hearted wisdom and terrific knowledge in order to help people who build confidence in themselves.

Truth in The Mirror accepts guest on the show and Sally Hilton is available for speaking engagements. If you would like to book Sally Hilton, please contact us.

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Advertising on Truth In The Mirror is available. There are 3, 2 minute commercial breaks available for each show. All shows are recorded and made into podcast for on demand listening. Your commercial will be included in all the podcast shows that your advertisement is played on. Sponsorships are also available as is social media and web advertising.

Contact Truth In The Mirror

To contact ULM Media about advertising on Truth In The Mirror, or to find out about booking Sally Hilton for classes & speaking engagements, please us the form below. You can also call our offices at 760-440-0560.